Open Source Writing

My dual-monitor Linux desktop, showing various open source apps.
Here’s the first draft of a novel in LibreOffice Writer. The Organon plugin enables the book to be conveniently organized by chapter.
Organon’s Organizer feature provides storage for synopses, character/location notes, images and more.
Bibisco: various scenes in a short story draft.
Bibisco’s editing/writing area, with chapters/scenes shown on the side.
The Plume Creator interface, with tools to either side of the writing workspace.
Plume Creator lets you move from scene to scene while in distraction-free mode.
The Manuskript interface. Note the diverse information in the Metadata panel at right.
A customized distraction-free theme in Manuskript. The bottom status bar with word count appears on mouseover.



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Thomas Pletcher

Thomas Pletcher

Background in media and technology, now writing full-time. Some of my work is available on